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After a few days of reading my RSS feed I must say that I’m kind of annoyed.  I have to be honest.  I’m getting finding that there’s really only one things of interest for every 10 things I have to spend time skimming through.  I have lots of time to do this now, but what about during the school year.  Not only that, but what happens when these edublogs update even more often during the school year?  I’m probably being pessimistic.

Now, on a more positive note.  Some of the things that I’ve found interesting.  I found a really neat lesson plan at this website.  It is a great lesson plan because it really exemplifies student thought before being told what’s going on.  Read through it if you’re interested.  It’s a math lesson, but I could definitely see using it at the beginning of the year in physics.

I’m hoping that spending more time on this and narrowing down a few more blogs that I might actually find useful will make it a better tool for me.  I’ll give it a chance.

2 thoughts on “Thing #7a – RSS

  1. ” I’m getting finding that there’s really only one things of interest for every 10 things I have to spend time skimming through.”
    Time! A commodity that you can’t buy.
    Info overload.
    I too hope that by practicing, I’ll be able to sort all of this info out and be able to recognize what I can use faster.
    I’m pretty good at channel surfing and skimming stories in newspapers so I’m optimistic it’ll work here too.

  2. Hi Chris,

    I hope you do give it a chance, but it is good you have reached the point of being annoyed. Now imagine if you had a class or two using blogs or wikis, or any other application that could use an RSS feed. Say just one class of 20. That would mean checking 20 blogs, etc. every day or two for an update, just to see if your students were using the site, contributing to the discussion or doing their assignment. But… with an RSS feed…you just go to your reader and you can see that one (like you this morning!) posting.

    This service can save you a tremendous amount of time but can also give you insights about your students. Is someone not able to post because they are too busy, have not been able to get to a computer, or does not understand the material and lost from the get-go?

    From the student point of view, they can check their reader, and see they have an update from you without having to remember to check the class site everyday!

    I agree, that looks like a fun lesson plan. Check out his blog roll and see what he is reading. Have fun in the blogoshpere!


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